Grokking the Java SE 17 Developer Certification (1Z0-829 Exam)

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There is no doubt that passing Java certification is very challenging and Java SE 17 Developer certification with exam code 1Z0-829 is one of the toughest Java exams, I have seen so far. While there are many study guides available in the market, they don't give you enough practice questions which is required to build the speed and accuracy you need to pass the exam on the very first attempt.

This book aims to fill this gap and gives you multiple-choice and multiple answers to practice questions, and topic-by-topics to test your knowledge. You can use these practice questions to test your preparation level and also learn by reading explanations and why other answers are not correct. This is the way, I scored 100% on my SCJP exam many years ago and it still works.

Here are the topics covered in this book:

  • Directing Flow with Decision Statements, Pattern Matching, and Switch Expressions
  • Working with Primitives, Strings, var, and Text Blocks
  • Creating Lambda Expressions and Method References
  • Designing Classes, Interfaces, Enums, Records, and Sealed Classes
  • Writing Functional Interfaces and Streams
  • Building Modules and Migrating Applications to Modules
  • Applying I/O, NIO.2, JDBC, Threads, and Concurrency
  • Localizing Applications and Formatting Dates/Numbers
  • Gracefully Handling Exceptions and Errors and more…

Ever since I launched my book on Spring Professional Certification, I have been working on this one and now I am excited that its finally ready for you.

And, here are a few sample questions for you to try out :

Select statements that are true about Concurrency in Java.
1. threads can consist of multiple processes.
2. The order of execution of threads relies on the thread
priority and depends on the underlying platform(os, cores, etc).
3. Context switch is a mechanism of storing the state of a thread by a scheduler that has already finished its execution.
4. The thread scheduler tries to minimize the number of context switch operations due to time cost.
5. threads can share memory.

Correct Answer: 2,4,5

1st is false because processes are formed from one or more threads. 2nd is true because threads can have priority and be executed due to priority, by the way, it also depends on several cores, type of OS, and other factors, 3rd is false. Context switch - is a mechanism to store the state of the executing thread that worked quantum of time and does not finish its operation that's why its state is stored until the next execution order, 4th is true. The scheduler of threads tries to minimize the number of context switches because it takes time to store and then restore the threads' state. 5th is true because threads can share memory inside one process

All the best for the Java certification, and if you have any questions or feedback, you can always contact me on Twitter, javinpaul, or comment on my blogs Javarevisited and Java67.

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Grokking the Java SE 17 Developer Certification (1Z0-829 Exam)

0 ratings
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