Grokking the SQL Interview

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SQL is an important skill for all kinds of technical jobs like application developer, software developer, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, DevOps, and even Tester, that's why SQL and database-related questions are hugely popular in programming and coding job interviews. Whether you are preparing for Java developer interviews, or a Python developer, whether you want to become a Data Analyst or IT support guy, you will need SQL skills to succeed in your career. Even technical jobs like QA and BA also need to know SQL and Database concepts to do their work.

That's why SQL is one of the most important topics for coming and technical interviews, but many developers fail to prepare for SQL and thus lose the precious chance. I am trying to fill that gap with this book. You can read this book to crack your SQL interview by preparing important topics and mastering key concepts in a guided and structured way in a short time. 

Cracking a SQL Interview is not easy and one of the main reasons for that is SQL is very vast, not as vast as Java but still there are a lot of concepts and commands to master SQL. In this book, I have shared frequently asked SQL questions from interviews. By going through these questions and topics you will not only expand your knowledge but also get ready for your Next Coding interview. 

This book is for programmers preparing for any technical interview and it's useful for Java, Python, and C++ developers, Data Scientists, App developers, QA, BA, and anyone who wants to learn SQL and prepare for SQL interviews. This book contains frequently asked questions and their answer/explanations on essential SQL topics. You can use this book to quickly revise all essential SQL concepts before your interview, both telephonic and face-to-face and you can also use this book to learn SQL in depth. 

This book contains frequently asked Database and SQL questions from essential topics like

1. SQL and Database Phone interview questions

2. Joins in SQL

3. SQL Query Questions

4. Indexes

5. Group by and Aggregation

6. SQL Date and Time Questions

7. Stored Procedures

8. Triggers and Views

9. Transactions

10. Window Function and CTE

11. Deep Dive on popular SQL Questions

If you are preparing for SQL interviews then I highly recommend you to go through these questions before your telephonic or face-to-face interviews, you will not only gain confidence and knowledge to answer the question but also learn how to drive Coding interviews in your favor. 
This is the single most important tip I can give you as a Java developer. Always, remember, that your answers drive interviews, and these questions will show you how to drive an Interviewer to your strong areas. 

All the best for the Java interview and if you have any questions or feedback you can always contact me on Twitter at javinpaul or comment on my blogs Javarevisited and Java67

All the best for your interviews !!

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Grokking the SQL Interview eBook

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Grokking the SQL Interview

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