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Grokking the Spring Boot Interview

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Crack your Java and Spring Developer interview by preparing important topics and mastering key concepts in a guided and structured way in a quick time. 

Java Interviews are notoriously tough, not because they ask impossible algorithmic questions like Google or Amazon. Still, because of the vast nature of Java API, Frameworks, and Libraries. ! It’s not enough for you to know Java and expect that you will be able to clear Java Interviews.

To pass the Java Interviews, you should also know essential Java frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot, and Hibernate. In my previous book, Grokking the Java Interview, I touched upon essential core Java topics like Collections, Multithreading, and Java Fundamentals. In this book, I have shared common Spring Framework questions from Job interviews.

Spring Framework is the most popular and almost standard framework for developing Java applications, both core java and java web application that runs on servers like Tomcat.

Like Java, Spring Framework is also very vast. Several sub-projects like Containers, Core Spring Concepts like IoC and Dependency Injection, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Testing, and miscellaneous Spring APIs.

This book contains frequently asked questions from essential Spring topics like

1. Container, Dependency, and IOC

2. Spring Bean Lifecycle

3. Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)

4. Spring MVC

5. Spring Boot Intro

6. Spring Boot Auto Configuration

7. Spring Boot Starter Dependency

8. Spring Boot Actuator

9. Spring Boot CLI

10. Spring Boot Testing

11. Spring Cloud Questions

12. Spring Data JPA

13. Spring Security

These questions are also a compilation of my best Spring Boot articles that millions of Java developers have read. It is also my 10 years of experience writing Java and Spring articles, tutorials, and interview questions.

If you are preparing for Java and Spring Boot interviews, then I highly recommend you to go through these Spring Boot and Spring questions before your telephonic or face-to-face interviews; you will not only gain confidence and knowledge to answer the question but also learn how to drive Java interview in your favor.

This book is also useful for Java developers preparing for the Spring Professional Certification Exam because I have tried to answer most of the questions from the Official Spring Certification Exam guide. This means you can use this as a review study guide for your spring certification preparation as well.

All the best for the Java interview, and if you have any questions or feedback, you can always contact me on Twitter, javinpaul, or comment on my blogs Javarevisited and Java67.

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The "Grokking the Spring Boot Interview" eBook

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Grokking the Spring Boot Interview

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