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250+ Spring Professional Certification Practice Questions

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If you are preparing for Spring Professional certification, a Java interview with Spring Boot skills, or just want to test your Spring Framework skills, then these Practice questions are perfect for you. There are 250+ Questions on different spring topics, which will test your knowledge in depth.

Spring Certification is an in-demand certification for Java developers as there are not many certified Spring professionals available. It has become even tougher and costlier because of mandatory training requirements introduced by Vmware.

Similarly, to pass the Java Interviews, you should also know essential Java frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot, and Hibernate. In my book, Grokking the Java Interview, I touched upon essential core Java topics like Collections, Multithreading, and Java Fundamentals. In this book, I have shared common Spring Framework Practice questions for Spring Professional Exam, but you can also use this to improve your knowledge about the Spring framework.

This book contains frequently asked questions from essential Spring topics like

  • AOP
  • Boot Actuator
  • Boot AutoConfig
  • Spring Boot Intro
  • Spring Boot Testing
  • Container
  • JDBC
  • Spring Data JPA
  • MVC
  • REST
  • Security
  • Testing
  • Transaction
  • Full length Practice Test

These questions come with in-depth explanations and links to learn more. You can use them to learn and test your Spring skills.

This book is also useful for Java developers preparing for the Spring Professional Certification Exam because I have tried to answer most of the questions from the Official Spring Certification Exam guide. This means you can use this as a review study guide for your spring certification preparation as well.

All the best for the Java interview, and if you have any questions or feedback, you can always contact me on Twitter, javinpaul, or comment on my blogs, Javarevisited and Java67.

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The "250+ Spring Framework Practice Question" eBook

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250+ Spring Professional Certification Practice Questions

4 ratings
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