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🎁💰10 Best Cyber Monday Deals for Programmers!!

Hello All,

If you missed the Black Friday deal then don't worry, Cyber Monday is here.

From last week, I have been sharing great deals but they are keep coming, looks like everyone is giving huge discounts at this time.

I have already bought a lot of stuff but I am still getting irresistible deals like this Datacamp $1 Deal where you can get access to the whole Datacamp platform for just $1

If you want to secure the best deal to boost your learning and level up your skills in 2022 then this is the right time as popular online platforms are offering anywhere from 40% to 85% discount.

And, here are the top 10 Cyber Monday deals for Software developers like us:

  1. 85% OFF on Udemy Courses

  2. Datacamp $1 Deal

  3. Coursera Plus for 1$

  4. 50% OFF on Codecademy Annual Plan

  5. 40% OFF on Pluralsight Annual Subscription

  6. 70% OFF on Educative Unlimited

  7. 60% discount on 101 Blockchain Certifications

  8. Udacity Buy one Gift one deal

  9. 60% OFF on Whizlabs Subscription and Courses

  10. 50% off OneMonth membership

That's all about the best Cyber Monday deals for programmers and developers. You can see discounts fly around every day, but they are for a minimum period, so better grab them before they expire. If you love Udemy courses, I have already published the best udemy courses you should buy in this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 

$2.9 Sale is Back, but, only for 24 hours!!

P. S. - On popular demand, the $2.9 sale is back and you can grab my books to pay what you want, a minimum $2.9. This is really the lowest price I can offer my books and the only reason I can do this is because I want more and more people to read it and benefit from it. I am not making money with my books as even if 100 people will buy it just $200 after excluding gumroad fee but my goal is to benefit more Java developers getting their dream job.

But, I can't keep this price longer becuase it's not fair to all of my customers who paid full price but given this is Cyber Monday, you can grab my books for $2.9 for the next 24 hours. If you have been interested in my books then buy them now as I won't run any $2.9 sale until next Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

All the best.

Yes, I want to buy Grokking the Java Interview for $2.9


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