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10 FREE Udemy courses! 😊👀

Hello folks,

I am excited to share a new thought with you, a list of free Udemy courses every weekend, how's that sound?

I have a huge collection of free courses as well as I spend a lot of time on Udemy and have built strong relationships with many Udemy instructors, and more importantly, I love free resources. So, I am going to share that with you all. 

From today onwards, I will try to send a list of free courses from Udemy and other platforms every weekend so that you can learn key skills on weekends. 

This week's free courses include Java, Oracle certification, Multithreading, and Design Patterns, and Spring Framework.

All of the courses have at least 4⭐!

Here they are:

1. Java from Zero to First Job - Practical Guide, 700+ examples 

2. Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer (OCAJP) 1Z0-808

3. Java for Beginners - Learn all the Basics of Java

4. GoF Design Patterns - Complete Course with Java Examples

5. Introduction to Java and Object-Oriented Programming

6. Master Multithreading - Concurrency with Java Examples

7. Software Architecture and Clean Code Design in OOP

8. Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners (FREE)

9. Java Multithreading

They are gonna be free for a day or two so grab them before the promotions run out!

All the best.

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