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🎁 Best System Design Interview Courses and Cheatsheet

Hello guys,

System design is one of the important but difficult topics to crack during the interview. If you are also struggling to clear a System design interview and looking for resources to take your system design and software design skill then I have a couple of awesome resources to share.

These courses cover all essential system design concepts like Load balancers, APIs, Caching, Databases, Network Protocols, Message queues, CDNs, High-level details about ML and Big data, CAP Theorem, Monitoring, and analytics as well as step-by-step solutions to common System design problems like How to design YouTube or Instagram.

Here are the best System design Interview Courses for programmers

1. Grokking the System Design -

2. Pragmatic Design -

3. Software Design -

4. Software Architecture 101 -

5. Modern Software Design -

6. System design Course by Alex Yu -

while these resources are enough, if you need more options you can see the system design courses and best system design books here as well.

And, here is a nice System Design Interview Cheat sheet from Educative for quick reference on important System design topics and concepts.

All the best with your System design Interview preparation.

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Happy Learning



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