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๐Ÿ””Ending Soon! Flash Sale! 50% Off Direct Subscriptions at Codecademy

Hello All,

During Black Friday, I received at least 10 to 20 emails from people who missed on Codecademy sale as I didn't send any follow-up reminders until the last minute.

In order to avoid that, I am sending this last reminder to anyone who is interested in joining Codecademy for their learning goals for a 50% discount.

You need to hurry up as the sale can end anytime soon.

Use code HOLIDAY50 to get 50% OFF today.

Here is the link -

codecademy - 50% OFF on Codecademy Annual Plan

datacamp - 63% OFF on Datacamp premium plan

That's all guys, if you are determined to learn new tech skills in 2022 then this is the best time to get the resource you need. If you have already joined or are not interested in this offer, please ignore this email. I thank you for your patience and as promised this is the last email on this offer.

All the best.

P. S. - This offer is only valid for direct subscriptions and not valid on Trial Subscriptions.

P. S. S. - My holiday offer is also live now and you can grab Grokking the Java Interview for just $5.9 Grab your copy now to do well on interviews.

Yes, I want to save 50% on Codecademy


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