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🏆 Grokking the Java Interview Part 2 - Coming Soon !!

Hello guys,

Just a head up that I am working on Grokking the Java Interview Part 2 now, and it will cover more advanced topics that we have covered in Grokking the Java Interview book, and expect it to come in the new year.

Here are topics I have thought to cover in that:

  1. classloader
  2. equals and hashcode
  3. HashMap
  4. Socket programming
  5. ConcurrentHashMap
  6. String in depth
  7. Enum
  8. Error and Exception
  9. Abstract class and interface
  10. Lambda and Stream
  11. Functional Interface

If you think I should cover anything else, please drop me a note.

P. S. -You can still buy my new book, Spring Framework Interview Questions, for just $9.9 for this weekend.

Here is the link to grab your copy -

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Raghavan alias Saravanan Muthu

Great, looking forward Javin.

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