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Is Spring Certification really worth it?

Hello guys,

A lot of people ask me if Spring certification really worth it or not? The short answer to the question is Yes, it's worth it and if you are serious about growing as a Java developer then I highly recommend you to go for Spring certification.

There are both tangible and non-tangible benefits of Spring certification. The first and foremost is that you will improve your knowledge about Spring and Spring Boot my miles. You will truly become a Spring framework expert if you honestly prepare for the certification and this is what I am saying from my own experience.

I truly mastered Java when I first prepared for the SCJP exam 15 years back and every other certification I went to, to only improved my knowledge.

The second thing is it highlights your profile; it shows that you care for your career and development and you have a passion for learning. When I interview people and I see that they have done certification, I ask about them and when I see their knowledge and passion it always leaves a positive impression.

Once again, thanks for buying my book and joining my course, and showing your trust in me; I appreciate it. To show my token of appreciation, I am also offering my Spring certification test for $9.9 for the next five days. Please use the coupon FRIENDS30 to get the course at a discount,

Here is the link -

$9.9 coupon for the spring certification test

I am keeping this email short, but I would love to hear from you. You can always connect with me via my blog Javarevisited and Java67, and I am also on Twitter

If you have any questions about Spring certification, feel free to ask.

Thanks, and all the best with your spring certification journey.



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