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Last Call- SQL Course Sale Ending in 58 Minutes

Hello guys,

This is the last call.

The 50% discount expires on High-Performance SQL video course, is ending in 58 minutes, if you want to buy this course then this is the best time to get it.

This course contains 36 videos and over 4 hours of great advanced SQL stuff.

If you are interested in learning about advanced SQL concepts like Joins Best Practices, Subqueries and SemiJoins, Derived Tables and CTE, Recursive queries, JSON processing then, you are going to love this video course.

And, that's not all. There are many more modules to come, which you will get for free:

  • Window Functions
  • Explain, Analyze, and Demystifying Execution Plans
  • Pagination Best Practices

You can grab his course now for a 50% discount, I mean half price.

Here is the link to get your discount - High-Performance SQL video course

As I know Vlad he hardly gives discounts and this is a rare chance to get this awesome SQL course for a 50% discount, most importantly this is also a rate SQL course that covers these advanced concepts in detail.

All the best with your learning

Yes, I want 50% discount


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