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[Sorry for the wrong code, correct link inside] 1000 Free coupons for my Java Courses

Hello all,

My sincere apologies, I forget to send you the free code in the earlier email and I only realized after a couple of you emailed me back.

Here is the link with code on it -

This time, I have also checked its working fine

but if you want to support you can also buy it for just $9.9

I am giving away now 1000 free coupons for my Java SE 11 practice tests as Java SE 17 exam is approaching and I am creating a new course for that, but if you want to get Java certified, Java SE 11 is still a great option.

Being a loyal reader and member of my email list, I would like to thank you and offer this free coupon, but please make full use of it, don't just enroll and sit. I would also appreciate your feedback like how did you find the course, the level of questions, and my explanation so that I can make the next course even better.

Here is the code - 26D72C213E53A0BC13E1

and Here is the link - Java SE 11 certification course

And, if you would like to pay, you can also buy my Spring certification course for just $9, I am sharing the current best price coupon with you.

here is the link -

Thanks for your support.


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