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🎯 Update - New lessons on Learn Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2 Course

Hello guys,

Just wanted to give you a quick update about my favorite Spring course (outside Udemy), Learn Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2 by Eugen Paraschive of Baeldung.

Eugen is one of the pioneers of Spring courses and his various Spring courses like REST with Spring, Learn Spring Security are all great resources for any professional Java Developers.

Eugen is now updating his premier Spring course and adding new lessons to keep up with time, and along the way, he is also increasing the price of his course.

Here's exactly how the pricing will change:

The Master Class - 197$ goes up to 237$

The Certification Class - 297$ goes up to 337$

The Coaching Class - 497$ goes up to 537$

If you wanted to join Eugen's Spring course then this is the time to join because Eugen hardly gives any discount once the price is up. I have also seen not running a sale, not even the Black Friday one, so this would be the lowest you can get.

If you are wondering what is changing then here is a full list of changes:

In Module 2 - Dependency Injection and the Spring Context:

  • Lesson 9: Spring Wiring - @Resource and @Inject

  • Lesson 10: Debugging and Solving Wiring Exceptions

In Module 3 - Project Configuration:

  • Lesson 7: Spring Boot Default Properties

  • Lesson 8: Deploying the Boot 2 Application - Other Options

In Module 5: Persistence and Data Access:

  • Lesson 6: Introduction to the JdbcTemplate - theory

  • Lesson 7: Introduction to the JdbcTemplate - implementation

In Module 6: Web Basics and Spring MVC:

  • Lesson 6: Servlets and the DispatcherServlet

In Module 8: Building a REST API:

  • Lesson 7: Intro to the HTTP Message Converters in Spring MVC

In Module 9: Advanced Features in Spring:

  • Lesson 7: Spring Security Authorization

  • Lesson 9: Spring Boot with Docker

He has also made some lessons of his course free so you can watch them before you decide to join or not.

Here are a couple of full lessons right out of Learn Spring course:

>> The Spring Testing Framework (Module 3 - Lesson 5)

>> Actuators in Boot 2 (Module 4 - Lesson 2)

Having a look at these should give you a good idea of Eugen's teaching style, and also about how in-depth and detailed the course material is.

Learn Spring has over 5 hours of highly edited, in-depth video material - covering everything from the foundations of Spring to the more complex tasks in building and running an application with Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2.

If you want to learn Spring in-depth in 2022, I suggest you grab Eugen's cours while the price is not increased.

Yes, I want to learn more about Learn Spring course


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