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Wondering where your Java/Programming Skill truly stand? Get started with Educative Assessments.

Hello guys,

If you are wondering where your Java skills truly stand then I have great news for you. Educative just launched a new free tool to help you affirm your strengths and identify any gaps in knowledge.

In today's job market, benchmarking your skills is an important first step to achieving your career goals.

Educative Assessments help you quickly gauge your proficiency across a range of in-demand tech skills, accurately identify skill gaps, and determine relevant resources to help you improve. This tool is designed with the intention of helping you find the right learning resources at the right time.

They  currently offer 10 skills assessments on subjects such as:

These skills assessments will help you assess your proficiency in under 20 minutes. I highly recommend you to check them out.

To get started, click the link below!

Start with Educative Assessment

Btw, I just took the test really fast, like in 10 minutes, here is my score

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